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1902 indian head penny value
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1902 Indian Head Penny Value: How Much is it Worth Today?

The Indian Head penny is popular among coin collectors today because of its endearing, heartwarming design of a young Indian girl wearing a native, feathered headdress. But apart from having a poignant design, many issues of this penny are extremely valuable. That includes the 1902 mintage of the Indian Head penny, which can sell today…

1905 Indian Head Penny Value
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1905 Indian Head Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

Welcome to our blog, coin collectors and history enthusiasts! If you own a 1905 Indian head penny, we’re here to share fascinating facts about this penny. This particular coin is part of a series of Indian head pennies minted between 1901 and 1909, known for their popularity among collectors. This article will explore its history,…

1958 wheat penny value
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1958 Wheat Penny Value: How Much is it Worth Today?

Racial segregation was illegalized and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958. Additionally, an economic recession swept across the United States and past its borders. Despite all that, the US Mint continues with its duties, one of which is to mint the last issue of the Lincoln wheat penny. As the…

2009 penny log cabin value
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2009 Penny Log Cabin Value: How Much is it Worth Today?

The one-cent coins bearing the image of former President Abraham Lincoln are among the most well-known and successful coins produced since the union of the 13 states that formed the foundation of the American nation. The Lincoln cent, originally known as the Wheat Penny, has undergone several changes since its inception, but the obverse of…

2009 Penny Value
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2009 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

The 2009 Penny value is often every collector’s interest when looking to purchase this iconic coin. The year 2009 was unique for collectors as the US mint made four different designs for the coin’s reverse to commemorate Lincoln’s 200th anniversary; it was called the “Lincoln bicentennial cent”. Interestingly, each reverse design of this coin depicted…